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U Bein Bridge (Landmark of Amarapura)

U Bein Bridge

Crossing the naturally beautiful Taungthaman Lake from East to West. The impressive Teak Bridge stands one of the most popular heritages (Landmarks) in Amarapura and around Mandalay. The total length of 1.2 km, over a thousand of pillars (exactly 1,086), counts the world’s existing longest wooden Bridge. Local visitors and tourists love to get an inspiring walk along the historic prolonged planks (in the dawn and twilight).

Enjoying the Sunrise in the breeze leads to an energetic adventure. Sunset beauty takes you to a photogenic scenery. An exclusive panoramic view on a rowing boat is a spectacular moment not to miss. Sip on the various cocktails with local fritters on the bank of the lake and admire the breathtaking nature. You can meet the local children selling their hand-made souvenirs and discover the lifestyles and culture residences.

About U Bein Bridge

It was the clerk U Bein who built the unique Teak Bridge from 1849 to 1851. The purpose is to go safely across the Lake. It is dangerous in the rainy season by boat. All the Teak planks and pillars came from dismantling of buildings in Capital of Ava (Innwa). It was after used in construction. To resist the waves and the heavy wind, the bridge has the style of bow. It’s been a historical landmark for nearly 200 years.

Things to do

Enjoy the mystical Taungthaman Lake and watch the romantic twilight landscape. Capture some marvelous photos with your own (for the photographer, it is a frenzy chance to take). Walking on the bridge among Myanmar people who pass lively by is definitely enthusiastic destination at Amarapura. You can observe the untouched cultures or daily life of inhabitants like fishing, farms and cow carts. You won’t regret if you have Sunset coconut drinks and local snacks. Do visit the near handicraft shops and colorful silk ware gift shops. It is very close to encounter Mahaghandaron Monastery which is famous for monks studying the Buddhism rules and regulations.

It’s just about 30 min-drive from Mandalay and starting your visit in the evening is enough for you. An easy pick-up from your hotel passing through the busy roads is already comfortable for half-day trip. The coming back from U Bein Bridge will make you unforgettable in discovering Myanmar’s culture and dwelling.

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