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Thanaka (Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic)

Thanaka is Myanamar Traditional Cosmetic .Myanmar is rich in culture, traditional, and food by its own natural resource. Thanaka on the face of Myanmar people is a popular interests you will discover you arrive Golden Land. Different patterns lining on cheek, nose and forehead always make surprise to tourists. Burmese natural cosmetic, Thanaka, is use to protect the skin from the sunlight and for the beauty. Every walk of life in Myanmar loves to paint Thanaka and it’s recognized as a cultural feature of country.

We’ve found the use of Thanaka over 2,000 years ago. Thanaka tree can be found in Central Myanmar. in Shwe Bo, Sagaing, Monywa,Salingyi, Pokokku, Myingyan, Bagan, and Kyaukpadaung. The tree is a slow-growing tree and perennial. Its maturity depends on land cultivated. Thanaka tree stops growing in the age of 35. We have to wait 7 years get the Thanaka paste. Thanaka paste is made from the bark, roots and timbers with an easy grinding. Get a small log of Thanaka. Grind on the circular slate slab (Kyauk Pyin) with some drops of water for 5 minutes.

The value of Thanaka widely influences on traditional medicine, beauty and social life of Myanmar society. Kids, children, men and women has the habit of coating Thanaka. It possesses the power of nourishing, cleansing, our skin and keep our complexion cool. As it’s natural products, Thakana is healthy and suitable for everyone. It consists of the healthy ingredients like Vitamin E, antibacterial and particles. In field of medicine, treatment with Thanaka give advantage on some fever, stomachache, epilepsy. With Thanaka paste, people prefer shaping in different patterns; yellow-circle, leaf-shaped, etc. The cream takes just a few minutes to dry on the skin. Rural areas choose to coat majority are day-workers and Thanaka maintains the body temperature. The best market stall offering to buy Thanaka barks, Kyauk Pyin is around Kaunghmutaw Pagoda (Sagaing).

Nowadays, a variety of Thanaka in powder and creams or even in perfume is available. Some brand names are Taunggyi Maukme and Shwe Pyi Nan, Shwe Bo or Shin Ma Taung Thanaka. The quality of Thanaka mainly depends on the scent of peel or bark. Famous Pagodas, on some full moon day, celebrate competition of grinding Thanaka and offer to Buddhist statue. If you are in Myanmar, try to put natural Thanaka on your face.


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