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Thadingyut Festival ( the Lighting Festival )

Every year in Myanmar the ‘Thadingyut Festival’ is celebrated by locals with enthusiasm. Every year held in October. And it is also the second largest Festival in Myanmar. There are light shows, music, stage shows on the street and plenty of delicious food to be eaten.Visiting Myanmar during the Thadingyut Festival is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Burmese culture and understand how it has been influenced by Buddhism and the role it plays in modern day Myanmar.Thadingyut is a Buddhist celebration of the end of the Buddhist period of Lent and is held during the Full Moon of the Thadingyut month which is typically in October. Buddhists in Myanmar visit the pagodas bringing food and gifts for the monks in honor of Buddha’s descent from Heaven. It is also a time when the younger generation pays homage to their elders and parents.

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