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Pleasant Walk along the Moat (Mandalay)

A comfortable Walking in the early morning and in the evening (Twilight) have been popular in recent years in Tourism. especially along the Moat of Mandalay Royal Palace. Everyone can discover the 12-feet high fortress, citadels and 12 Watchtowers which built with multi-tired wooden Bastions. At the same time enjoying in the breeze. There’s good-looking pavements which provide shady trees and some relaxed benches.

The spirit of Myanmar Royal Palace is attracting your interest in regarding with those historical walls. The moat surrounding by water which we consume, stretch out your stress. Old ladies taking aerobics with music and gymnasts promenading with full of energy will be there with you. On the east bridge, stop for a while and capture photos back-grounding the stunning Mandalay Hill. In cold season, fog falling over the moat enchants you sense of pleasant walk.

In circumstance of evening, relaxing promenade is a must after your day tour around Mandalay. Just like walking a full-one east part then hiking to the Mandalay and after enjoying the sunset is nearly accessible. You can benefit the picturesque moment of Sunset from the East part of Mandalay fortress (East Moat). Additionally, colorful Water-fountain next to the southern gate creates an area of relaxation for inhabitants and visitors. It’s just in front of Mandalay Municipal Office and offer some food stalls and pleasing music, too. Other than, beautiful Mandalay Hill and the moat are inseparable and nightlife of moat together with lighting is worth to see.

Not only Walking but also Bicycling around the fort tends to make the best approach to get this wonderful chance. Please note that the roads near the pavements is much likely busy due to the time to return home for employees and workers. You can also learn the dwelling of Mandalay. The sidewalk is entirely safe with police officer during the night. For those who get a stay in Ace Star Hostel, it’s easy to get this visit about 5 Blocks from the 26th road (South Moat). Grab your opportunity in the memory of promenade along the moat once you are in Mandalay.

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