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Mandalay Ngalite Elephant Experienced Trip

Mandalay Ngalite Elephant Experienced Trip

During Mandalay-Ngalite trip, you can refresh your mind and wash away your worries and anxiety of daily stressful life by riding obedient and clever elephants, viewing the natural beauty around Ngalite reservoir, learning the lovely customs of the local people and the habits and habitats of the tame elephants.(Exploring the old teak trees in the woods).It is the most enjoyable and pleasant journey for life.

About Ngalite Elephant Camp
There are many age old teak trees in the forest around Ngalite Dam.Next to this there is a big land of teak plantation, a 78 acre Ngalite belt, and a 20 acre Ngalite Elephant Camp.It was opened in April 2017 and there were ten elephants.The government stopped producing wood from the forest for some time so the local authorities let the people and tourists to visit this area and learn the natural habits of elephants and the woods around this area. Visitors can ride elephants and see the beauty of Ngalite Dam and view the true natural forest and mountains around the area..At the camp the elephants are freed during the night, recollected at about 6 o’clock in the morning.Then they are cleaned and washed.Visitors can start feeding the elephants at 8:00a.m.While feeding they can watch the baby elephant show too.Visitors can take some photo with the elephants after the show too.Then they can ride elephants and see the bamboo houses of the elephant tam and go along the bank of Ngalite Dam in the fresh breeze, explore in the elephant pasture, look for the long life teak trees and bathe the elephants with water pump in the whole morning.We serve the attractive lunch of local people in the bamboo house by viewing the natural beauty of the land and the Dam.If you are interested in the gardening, we will arrange for you to grow some trees for your sweet memory.


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