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Kalaw Travel Trekking

Are you looking for a naturally picturesque atmosphere, not too crowded? Do you wish to escape from the stress of daily life? Trekking around Kalaw is the best and worthy destination for those who love Nature, with numerous ethnic groups, smile, warmth from villagers and scattered scenic views. A hilly small town of Southern Shan State, rewarded a pristine Pine Land, serves as a starting point to trek.

Kalaw View Point

As Trekking is a challenge to Nature, conclude your backpack and start your new day at kalaw. Kalaw provides comfortable and joyful options for trekkers. Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake or Pindaya or to surrounding villages is most prominent one. It doesn’t matter you are independent or in group, knowledgeable and experience local guide is willing to show you the way ans treasure of Kalaw. First of all for the options of one day trekking, the long route includes Trekking to View Point, which reaches about noon. Along the way, many Pine trees protect you and you are getting the chance to traverse some muddy ponds. Learn as far as you can what you hear from that the guide explain about Kalaw Flora. Different kinds of mushroom are interesting to discover (some a re edible immediately). Atmosphere is perfectly calm and there’s just you guys and environment. What a lovely!! View Point is a must visit to have you lunch. From the restaurant you rest, green carpet filled with stunning clouds have already attracted to you. Leave a memory and your voice to those impressive hills. We usually hike towards the Palaung village where you learn the customs of beautiful tribe. For those who trek to Inle Lake, it habitually takes 2 days including overnight stay. It’s really lucky to stay homes of ethnic group. This hill-walking is directly to Inle Lake or Nyaung Shwe, it’s sure to possess the memorial journey enjoying the scenic views of Shan Plateau. If you encounter the raining moment, don’t hesitate to feel the trekking in wearing the raincoats. A cool chance only have in Kalaw. The weather around Kalaw is quite cloudy. All tour services include lunch, dinner and bedding. You discover many farms of green tea leaves, oranges trees, clementine, cabbage and several seasonal fruits and herbs which are used in cooking and medicine.

Some tips for your trekking

green farm along Trekking

Bear in mind that there will not be Internet access, fixing GPS or have a Google Map in your phone is required. Your big backpack will be carried by car to your hotel at Inle. Trekking to Kalaw is available anytime of year. Cold season marks the most charming moment. If you feel adventurous, start your trekking right now.

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