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Kalaw (Pine Land of Shan State)

Kalaw is an old laid-back station surrounded by naturally gorgeous pinewood. It’s been a pleasant small town by British Colonialists together with many unique colonial buildings. If you would like to touch your heart just with Nature, Kalaw town is your reward not to miss. Trekking and hiking moment, various kinds of hill-tribes, and traditional food will bring the unforgettable memory with you.

A tranquil Pine Land is home to various tribes including Shan, Da Nu, Taung Yoe, Palaung, Burmese, Pa-oh ethnics. Moreover, there are some Indian, Nepali and Gorkha communities which had migrated during the British Colonial Era for the demands of Rail workers. They live together with the tribes. The settlement found in Kalaw Township, Taunggyi District, above sea level of 4297fts. Surroundings are plateau with pine trees and colorful flowers. The first significant place to discover is its City Market, found on the right side of Union Road. Most of the shops and stores sell their local products, goods, clothes and traditional foods up there. Next to the Market, a rotating 5-day Market offer a wide range of vegetables, goods, and cultural accessories exporting from the village near or far the area. In other places, most cafes, restaurants, trekking service companies, comfortable hotels and guests houses occupy the city. Kalaw also possesses ATM Bank and Wifi or Internet Access.  Downtown area is around the Aung Chan Tha Pagoda which glitter with silver and golden mosaics.

A delightful walking day tour by foot, by bike or motorbike is suitable for visiting around the city. Quiet Relaxing! On the south west of city is famous for historical 500-year old Hnee Pagoda and Shwe Oo Min Cave. Resotred cottages are the pictures that we capture walking. After that, Christ the King Church, over 100-year old Catholic Church, built with stones, consider the diversity since British Colony. The environment is quiet calm and at the same time, voices from a High School, opposite to the Church, remind the difference. If you don’t get the chance to take the train, Beautiful Kalaw Station will be the place to discover the livelihood. For the stunning city scenery, Thein Taung Monastery tends to be the nicest place.

Cool in early morning and in late evening, peaceful nightlife, and enjoy the moment.

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