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Fantastic Day Tour at Mandalay

Mandalay stands for its diversity in culture, royalty of Myanmar Kings and a collection of superb historical and religious monuments. The Royal Capital of Kongbaung Dynasty with different traditional handicrafts, notable pagodas and monasteries makes Mandalay unique. It turns into commercial trade center to Upper Myanmar with various bus terminal, station, jetties and international airport.

Among diverse choices to visit, start from the pick-up from your hostel. It’s about 11 o’clock in the morning just after an early lunch is quite enough. The taxi driver takes you to Mahamuni Pagoda which found in the south of Mandalay. Next destination is Shwe In Bin Monastery, a sample of traditional teak monastery. It’s quite astonishing architecture donated by a Chinese merchant, U Set Shwin. Built in 1895, old and gold monastery is a fine arts of precious woodcarvings. Jade Market, locating near that monastery is a valuable jewellery market to discover. Seeing the busy jade traders throughout the market and the craftsmen who cut and polish gem pieces is hugely interesting. Departure from the east of Mandalay,  go for the shopping at the lively Zaycho Market.

Take a impressive visit to Mandalay Palace, enjoy the revered adventure of royal timber buildings and watch tower. You can learn the costumes, accessories and attires of royal family at the showcases, back of the Palace. The Palace complex is marvelous for its style tough halls were reconstruction in 1990s. (which are bombard in World War II). It’s the east Gate of the fortress that only allows the foreigners to enter in. Only the building renovated, the atmosphere is dressing of enjoying.

An informative driver will take you to Shwenandaw Kyaung (Golden Palace Monastery), fame of unmatched woodcarvings. For the Jataka fine arts (the past-life stories of Buddha). It was the royal room for the King Mindon. And after his death, his son, King Thibaw donated it as a monastery. The one and only royal building which remains.

Atumashi Temple is a consecutive place to discover, too. Next to this temple, Kuthodaw Pagoda (the World’s Largest Book) rely as an heritage of UNESCO, 729 marble slabs. Text-inscribing the entire Tripitaka of Buddhism surround the stunning beautiful Pagoda. A stupa covers each slab. And over 150-year old Star flower trees give rise to a cool and shady terrace to visitors. It is where King Mindon celebrated the ceremony of the 5th Buddhist Synod in 1871.

Mandalay Hill, which is gorgeous Landmark of Mandalay provides the laid-back moment for you. You enjoy the fantastic panoramic views of city, lovely sunset on the terrace, the stunning sights to capture. On the way back from the Hill, Kyautawgyi Buddha Image attracts you with pleasant nightlife. The driver accompanies you throughout Mandalay fortress, Dropping off to you hostel.

Note that you will need an admission Fee to enter Royal Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery and Atumashi Temple.


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