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Enjoying a Day with Wondrous Pagodas Around Mandalay

In Myanmar there are many wondrous places and a never ending amount of pagoda. But probably the weirdest one is Yadana Labamuni Hsu-taungpyae Pagoda. We also known as ”Snake Pagoda”.The taxi driver will pick you up 8:30 AM from your hostel to the town of Paleik. That is a really special one just 45 minutes away from Mandalay. The three resident giant pythons is the biggest attraction of the Snake Pagoda. They appeared from the forest in 1974 and never left. Those snakes have for a long time been a symbol of guardians of the Buddha.

According to the legend, a Buddhist monk from the old pagoda on the site saw two large pythons circling around the statue of the Buddha. He took the pythons, returned them to the jungle, and went about his business. The next day, snakes are come back, together with a third python. Again, the monk carried them to the jungle, but they kept returning each day. Most of the Myanmar people believe that the pythons were reincarnated souls of the monks who served the pagoda.So they decided to take care of them.

Around 11am, the snakes are taken out to be washed in a special pool. Then dry up, with towels and money, and feed some milk, after which they glide back to their statue. Though myanmar people were sacred animals they truly take care of very well. Those snakes also will never hurt to anyone and seem to be very happy when touched by the visitors. You can feel its gentleness despite its huge size. Inside the pagoda, there are many photos of the visitors posing with those serpents.

Myanmar is the country which has the wondrous maximum amount and the best quality of jade. So after wandering those things its time to go to the Jade Pagoda. Even if you are not buddhist, you can learn the quality of the Myanmar jade. Nearby that Pagoda ,you can see the jade Market .The pagoda features jade pieces carved to depict the Jataka, or stories of the Buddha’s previous lives, as well as the chronicles of Myanmar’s kings. The place is very interesting as the jade usage is right from the front door.
Stones are used for pillars, wall carving, decorations, statues, etc. It’s quite artful .

U Pein Bridge stands its unique reputation for the exclusive panoramic scenery . And you can breathtaking walk along the pillars. That time is an occasion not to miss that you watch the sunset from the bench until the Sun goes down.

Now the time is for you. The drop off will be worth for you. You will arrive at hostel about 7 or 8, depend on yours. After relaxing in the last light of the day, the taxi driver will pick you up to our hostel.


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