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Amazing one day trip to three steps waterfall

The best way for taking rest is to get out to the countryside.We can restart our mind and also can refresh our work effectively before the weekend. So, we recommend the best place to chose is enjoying the new waterfall , three steps waterfall in Mandalay.

Let’s start a very pleasant trip to three steps waterfall around 9 Am after our delicious Breakfast. Then, the driver will pick you up with the disco music taxi. Firstly, you will see Mandalay traffic. After that you will arrive the amazing three steps waterfall.

Start your destination with trekking and climb on and jump down on the rocks. Trekking will discover you very peaceful and amazing nature of beautiful landscape. And also you will see so many rocks, cobble-stone and chippings. When you arrive that awesome waterfall, you can swim with the blue flesh clean water. Enjoying the nature of atmosphere and taking the photos with very pleasant mountain view is the most attraction of that waterfall. On the return you can see many plums trees. So, you can taste those natural fruits. Myanmar traditional tea leave salad           and egg fries will be perfect for your lunch.

A great day trip with beautiful three steps waterfall will have so much fun and you can spend your time with swimming, relaxing. You can also take a short walk and enjoy the beauty of unspoiled rain forest.

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