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Amarapura (City of Immortality)

Amarapura, the city of Immortality, (sometimes immortal city) survived only 74 years against its meaning. It possesses a significant history according to its destiny. Amarapura nowadays takes part as a very popular tourist destination from Mandalay. The area is superb for its magnificent traditional silk and cotton weaving industry. Those longyi designs are unique and spectacular. There are impressive landmarks that make Amarapura attractive.

History of Amarapura

Recognizing as the ancient capital of Myanmar under Kongbaung Dynasty. King Bodawpaya founded in 1783 after the former Capital of Ava (Innwa). Bodawpaya’s grandson, King Bagyidaw moved the administrative capital back to Ava again in 1821. In 1857, under the regime of King Mindon, he moved the capital to Mandalay, 11 km from south. He changed over Mandalay and accomplish the prophecy of Buddha. The servants and architects dismantled the palace halls and buildings with the help of elephants. The ruins of city walls and stupas left, quite admirable landmarks are keeping the reputation of ancient capital.

Major Tourists Destinations at Amarapura

U Bein Bridge which has the length of 1.2 km, is the longest Teak Bridge in the world. It crosses the naturally beautiful Taungthaman Lake from East to West. Enjoying sunset, walking on the planks in the breeze, watching the colorful scenery and discovering the lifestyles of residences. Those are things not to miss if you’re there.

Mahaghandayon Monastery, a famous and vulnerable monastery throughout the country. We discover many monks and novices studying Buddhist literature, obeying the conservative rules and regulations, having their lunch with silence. Many donors offer to monks everyday.

Bagaya Monastery, a same-named monastery founded by King Mindon locates on the busy Sagaing-Mandalay highway road. The monastery, having a large compound, displays an excellent collection of Buddhist statues from dynasties.

Amarapura Palace ruins consisting of antiquated city walls and part of the old moat. We can explore the tombs of King Bodawpaya and King Bagyidaw.

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