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Ace Star BnB

Backpacker Hostel - Now open after recent renovation

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ACE Star’s Healthy and Fresh Breakfast

Ace Star’s tasty Breakfast is the first thing to discover the living culture when you are in Mandalay. Enjoying the wonderful morning moment at the roof top terrace and having our healthy Breakfast is perfect to energize your Day Trip. Whenever you come from, our first priority is to explore the traditional food prepared by Ace Star Kitchen. We serve daily the service from 7 to 9 in the morning. It is comfortable Reading Newspaper and Discussing about visit while having Breakfast.

Plus with the main menu, unlimited toast (with jam, butter), Tea and Coffee are served in buffet style. Seasonal fruits, banana, an orange juice and below menu for each day are fixed. Shan lady from Ace Star prepare different menu for each day in order to feel distinct in your mouth (including traditional Burmese and Shan)

Here are some delicious and fresh Breakfast for those who make a visit to ACE Star.

Menu 1. Chinese Egg Noodles

It’s been a long time that the ethnic people in Shan State used to eat Chinese Egg Noodles as their Breakfast. Our noodles are made with locally sourced eggs and flour. After boiling noodles, we add seasame paste, salt, garlic oil, chieves, spy bean oil and spring onion. Then we mix it. Some sour and soup will make the menu delicious.

Menu 2. Mixed Bean and Rice with Half-fried Egg

Myanmar people love to have this Breakfast with some fritters and green tea in the morning. Here is our turn to make you enjoy. Additionally, we add some carrots for vitamin. Ingredients are as shown as below: Rice, Blackeye susan bean, Soy bean oil, Onions, Salt, Tumeric Powder.

Menu 3. Fried Vegetables and Half-fried egg

If you feel bored of eating meat, this menu is for you with strong solution of vitamin. Grabbing fresh vegetables from the Night Market near Jetty and eggs from the local farm, our chef has a good style of making it. You have with Orange Juice. How Healthy!! Ingredients : carrot, french bean, cabbage, coriander, pepper, salt, french fried, potatoes, 2 half-fried eggs.

Menu 4. Shan Noodles with

This menu is served for you to feel like you are in Shan State. The best Breakfast for those who live in mountainous region. Firstly we boils raw Shan Noodles in a pot and after that, we mixed with the following ingredients; fried bean curd, tomato paste, sesame, salt, mint, garlic oil, leek. In order to get the better taste, have with some mustard sour and soup.

Menu 5. Bean Fried Rice with Half-fried Egg

This is a different way to enjoy our traditional stable food. Firstly, boil the bean and when the rice is ready, fry them all with peanut oil. Put a few salt and prepare some carrots beside the dish. Ingredients: boiled pea, salt, leek, carrot, cooking oil.

All the guests are warmly allowed to notify the Kitchen in avoidance if someone is unable to have any allergies to any of the ingredients listed in the menu above.

Chinese Noodle

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