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Ace Star BnB

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Ace Star’s Health Care (Medical Service for tourists)

Prioritizing the comfort of our precious guests, Health Care by Ace Star Hostel serves with compassion and skillful medical services. It is frequent to tourists who visit to new and unfamiliar region then encounter some illness or allergy. Ace Star Hostel now cooperates with Mandalar Hospital observing the situation. Holding over 20-year experience of serving medical treatment, it convince the trust of patient.

Whatever you stay one night or even half a day. To full fill your pleasure during your stay is the kindly important to us. So, at any time, if someone of our guests confronts health emergency case. We introduce the condition and offer to set up the Medical Service coverage for patients.

For Medical Cover;

   It shall cover all medical emergencies 24/7,  Emergency medical team will on site visit within 30 minutes after receiving calls

  1.  Primary care to patient and Care Management Fees are including facilities fees and consumable items like disposable syringe, disposable cannula and drip sets) some inclusive medications : Epinephrine (adrenaline injection), Glucose injection, Salbutamol inhaler, Atropine injection, Chlorpeniramine injection. Glycerol trinitrate, Hydrocortisone , Lasix injection, all kinds of emergency IV drips, aspirin tablets, diazepam injections/tablets.

  2. According to result by minor or major disease/illness, medical officer accompanying with Ambulance, will keep performing further assistance and advice for the patient.

Ace Star Hostel is an accommodation for everyone, enjoy our best services including social and health) and capture in friendly atmosphere.

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